Meet the ADI Team

The ADI Team is committed to identifying, attracting, and developing the most promising individuals from as many segments of society as possible.  We promote access to a Princeton graduate education by partnering with academic departments to identify and admit the broadest and richest pool of scholars for our master’s and doctoral programs.  We aim to meet prospective students at recruitment and outreach events each academic year, and P3 is just one of these many efforts.




  • Joel Boggess

      • Coordinator for Diversity Initiatives in the Natural Sciences
    • Phone: 609-258-9794
    • Email:
  • Vanessa Gonzalez-Perez

      • Assistant Dean Diversity Initiatives in the Natural Sciences and Engineering
    • Phone: 609-258-9623
    • Email:
  • Renita Miller

      • Associate Dean for Access, Diversity and Inclusion
    • Phone: 609-258-5180
    • Email:
  • Sarah Mullins

  • Nova Smith