Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021
by Nova Smith, Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives, Princeton University Graduate School
Princeton University Shows its Continued Commitment to Diversifying the Academy
Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021
by Emily Aronson, Office of Communications
As part of the University-wide effort to combat systemic racism, Princeton has published its first annual report highlighting diversity, equity and inclusion work across campus. The report provides a snapshot of projects, programs and initiatives during the 2020-21 academic year, and also includes demographic and climate data about students, staff...
Monday, Aug 30, 2021
by Denise Valenti, Office of Communications
Princeton University welcomed 713 graduate students from 54 countries for the 2021-22 academic year during orientation activities held Aug. 25-26.
Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021
by Office of Communications

The following statement by Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber was shared on the President’s blog on March 17, 2021:

Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021
by Ina Simova

Thirty-three Princeton graduate students co-created and completed the Graduate School’s inaugural Inclusive Leadership Learning Cohort (ILLC) in fall 2020.

Monday, Aug 31, 2020
by Denise Valenti, Office of Communications

Mentorship and social and academic support are necessities for graduate school success. For underrepresented students, who may be from low-income backgrounds and/or the first in their families to have attended college, that need often is felt even more keenly.

Friday, Jun 5, 2020
Read the Graduate School's most recent statement.
Monday, May 4, 2020
by Sarah Mullins, ADI Coordinator

The Diversity Fellows program under the Access, Diversity and Inclusion team at the Graduate School has gone through much evolution over the years.  Throughout it all, the most consistent fixtures are the graduate students who are dedicated to enhancing a supportive community for grad students alike.

Thursday, Apr 30, 2020
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