Grad Scholars Program (GSP)

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The Princeton Grad Scholars Program (GSP) is an exciting new experience for entering first-year graduate students and pre-doctoral students from diverse backgrounds designed to enhance and support academic, social, and community development during their initial graduate school experience.


Diverse group of students and mentors for GSP



To empower participants to take an intentional and strategic approach to their graduate education
To educate students about how to access the myriad resources available to them at Princeton
To develop a sense of community by connecting graduate students across disciplinary boundaries   


Scholars meet six to eight times over the academic year for “seminar/workshop” sessions

that focus on the transition to graduate education at Princeton.





Drawing of a stopwatch in orange Developing skills for time and task management to promote balance and success


moneyBudgeting and financial planning for graduate school and beyond


Orange drawing of 3 people connected by a thoughtBuilding your academic and non-academic community at Princeton


Drawing of a person with a heart showing love of selfDeveloping positive practices for physical, emotional, and psychological self-care


Orange drawing of the sideview of booksPreparing for academic and non-academic career pathways


Orange drawing of a writing pad and penWriting support and workshops