Graduate Student Support Fund (GSSF)

Diversity Related Funding Sources


The Graduate Student Support Fund (GSSF) provides grants to Princeton graduate students in good standing to allow them to remain in their program and complete their degree in a timely manner. 

The fund supports graduate students who contribute to the University’s diversity, broadly stated, including members of groups that have been historically and are presently underrepresented in the academy (e.g., racial and ethnic minorities).

Applications for the GSSF are considered on a quarterly basis and are due September 1, December 1, March 1, and June 1 of each year.  Emergency requests may be accepted off-cycle at the discretion of an Access, Diversity and Inclusion dean.

Eligible expenses include:
  • Expenses directly related to academic progress and reaching academic milestones such as passing generals examinations (e.g. tutoring, non-Princeton coursework, self-study materials)
  • Costs arising from unforeseen obligations, including those related to family members for whom the student has responsibility (e.g. unforeseen dependent costs, uncovered medical expenses, death of a family member)
  • Other expenses related to circumstances that might impact the ability of a student to complete their degree in a timely manner

Eligible students should be in regular program status or DCE status, and may not be awarded GSSF funds more than twice per academic year.  Those seeking support from GSSF will be expected to have pursued other funding opportunities including grants, loans, and reasonable employment. 

Funding will not generally support the following types of expenses:
  • Transition costs associated with moving to or away from Princeton
  • Educational loan repayment or credit card debt
  • Princeton tuition
Alternate funding sources are available for the following expenses:
Funding will be considered for the following reasons only if needs extend beyond what existing sources can support:

Applicants are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the financial planning resources available through the Graduate School. Please check out the Princeton Financial Literacy website for financial planning assistance. 

Application Process
  1. Contact Sarah Mullins (link sends e-mail), Program Coordinator, to schedule an appointment to discuss your potential request with one of the Access, Diversity and Inclusion deans.  This meeting should be set up at least four weeks prior to the application deadline.  The dean will review the GSSF application form with you during the meeting.
  2. Submit a completed application form and any additional documentation requested by the dean. (Click on the link below to access the application form. Please note that all applications must be submitted electronically).
  3. Recipients of GSSF grants are required to provide documentation of the use of the funds.
      Graduate Student Support Fund (GSSF) Application Form


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