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Current Students

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Current and Former Diversity Fellows

Courtney DelPo
5th Year, Chemistry

Being a part of GSP has enhanced my graduate school experience in so many ways. The GSP community has been a support system and a guide in navigating the difficulties we all face in graduate school. I am so excited to continue my involvement with GSP as a fellow this next academic year and I will strive to continue to develop and promote an inclusive and supportive community at Princeton.

Erin Flowers
Head Diversity Fellow
6th Year, Astrophysics

As passionate as I am about science, I am equally passionate about scientific outreach, especially when it comes to teaching and mentoring people from historically underrepresented groups.

Vanessa Gonzalez
Graduate Scholars Program (GSP) Fellow
4th year, Molecular Biology

I'm a 4th year graduate student in the Department of Molecular Biology, focused on learning how the heart gains its left-right asymmetry in vertebrate embryos. I received my undergraduate degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology from Johns Hopkins University and returned to my native New Jersey for graduate school. I first got involved…

Philmon Haile
*21, MPA, International Development Policy School of Public and International Affairs
I am very excited to support the ADI team in promoting access and inclusion at Princeton as a Diversity Fellow.