The Access, Diversity and Inclusion Team

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Our Mission

At the Graduate School, we believe that demographic and intellectual diversity drives innovative research and discovery, it expands our capacity for teaching and learning, and it equips us for the lives of leadership in an increasingly pluralistic society.

To achieve our academic mission, therefore, requires Princeton to identify, attract, and develop the most promising individuals from as many segments of society as possible.  To that end, we aspire to be a truly inclusive community in which individuals of every nationality, religion, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, political viewpoint, socioeconomic status, and veteran status can flourish.

Our Work

Our team has two main functions:

1. Access/Outreach

We promote access to a Princeton graduate education by partnering with academic departments to identify and admit the broadest and richest pool of scholars for our master’s and doctoral programs.  We aim to meet prospective students at recruitment and outreach events each academic year.

2. Inclusion/Community

We support students to achieve their full potential through mentorship, programming, and partnership with academic departments.

  • Mentorship: We advise graduate students, aiding them in a smooth transition into their program, supporting them through key milestones, and guiding them toward completion and life beyond Princeton.  We serve as a resource and gateway for students with a variety of academic, social, professional, and financial questions.
  • Programming: We develop programming to prepare students for academic and professional success.  This includes workshops on a broad range of topics (e.g. academic skills, time management, self-care, financial planning), conversations with faculty members, and informal social activities to support students connecting across academic disciplines.  Through our weekly newsletter, we connect students to the programming offered by colleagues at the Graduate School and numerous other offices on campus.
  • Partnership: We work closely with academic units to understand the needs and experiences of the students in their discipline and to help foster a departmental culture that is supportive of all students regardless of their background.  Our office also partners with student resource centers across campus and graduate student affinity groups to support community building and provide access to intellectual, cultural, and social activities.